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Direct Cremations – No Service Funeral Cremations – Unattended Cremations

Mayfair Funerals Perth offer a simple cremation without a formal funeral service that is carried out with dignity, respect and with elegance. Our direct cremation service is one price and includes everything for a no hoo ha, no fuss funeral service. Mayfair unattended cremation, no service funerals in Perth are different. Hearse, Coffin, Flowers, Committal, Cremation, Certificate – No Mourners.

A no service funeral has been embraced and a favourable form of funeral to lay a loved one to rest, an affordable, low cost cremation. Direct Cremations are the cheapest cremation option. Once the ashes have been received, the family and friends may choose to have a memorial service the way they wish at a later time, at the venue of their choice in private without time pressures, expectations or other influences. This may be an evening at home or a sunny day in a park where families can pay respect to their loved one who is now at rest in their own way. Mayfair Funerals offer more than just Cremations, and we specialise in providing a beautiful, dignified and affordable cremation service in Perth with a low cremation cost and the options of memorial service following the simple cremation in Perth.

Cremation without a Funeral Service by Mayfair

  • Transfer of the deceased into our care from the place of passing.
  • Coffin with casket spray provided. Hearse with Funeral Director transport to the Crematorium.
  • Cremation committal takes place at Karrakatta Cemetery.
  • (Or Fremantle or Pinnaroo if preferred)
  • Cremation service without mourners or a funeral service.
  • Direct cremation in personal by the Funeral Director.
  • MCB Cremation fees, doctors fees and legal fees.
  • Notification of ashes for collection within 48hrs.
  • Registration of death.

This is how Mayfair No Funeral Service, Direct Cremations are Different.

The funeral director arranges and is present for every direct cremation no service funeral. The loved one is always placed in a safe coffin for their final farewell. A casket spray is always placed on the top of the coffin. An elegant black hearse is always used to transport the loved one with their coffin with casket spray flowers to a metropolitan cemetery board crematorium.  Karrakatta cemetery or Pinnaroo Valley Memorial Park is where the committal and cremation will take place, unless you request the Fremantle Cemetery as a preference. The hearse will enter the cemetery through the front gates and drive to the Crematorium. The Funeral director will personally be the one taking your loved one for the unattended cremation.

No Service Funeral Cremation.

Dignified Direct Cremation.

Cemetery Cremation.

  1. Pickup of loved one and brought into our care.
  2. Coffin for the Cremation included.
    Casket Spray of Flowers on top of Coffin.
    Hearse Transport to the Cemetery Chapel for Committal.
  3. The Funeral Director or head conductor personally arrive with your loved one in a hearse for the Cremation Service.
  4. Notification of Ashes for collection within 48hrs.
  5. Link provided to request hard copy of the death certificate from the Registry Office.

$2,999 including gst

Your choice of which Cemetery Crematorium.

Pinnaroo Valley, Memorial Park, Karrakatta Cemetery, Fremantle Cemetery.

All direct cremations take place at the Metropolitan Cemeteries Board Crematoria. Your loved ones ashes will be available for you to collect within 48hrs of the Cremation Service being conducted.

Mayfair Cremation Coffin Included - Should you wish to upgrade the coffin, this is also an option.

What we dont do.

  • Use minivans to perform direct cremation.
  • Use staff or couriers – (Mayfair only provide the Funeral Director)
  • Take multiple loved ones in the same vehicle to crematoria.

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