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Perth Cremations

Full Funeral Service and Cremation Committal

Cremation - No Funeral Service

Cremation - Small Funeral Service

Cremation - Full Funeral Service

On the day of the Full Cremation Funeral Service.

The Hearse Cortege with Family Limousine.

The Funeral Director, Hearse and family limousine will arrive to the loved ones residence to commence the hearse cortege to the Cemetery Chapel. The Coffin will be in the hearse with a casket spray and any personal memorabilia that the family would like to be displayed. This may include a framed photograph, additional flowers and personal items.

The Hearse cortege and family will then depart the residence and make their way to the Cemetery Chapel.

Once inside the cemetery gates, the hearse will cortege will stop. Family and friends attending the funeral service will have already gathered at this location.

Arriving to the Cemetery

At this time your funeral director will lodge the legal documents required for the funeral and the cremation service with officials from the Metropolitan Cemeteries Board office. This will take about 5-10 minutes.

The principal mourners, the family, will take their positions if pallbearing, or be composed as to their wishes. If family or friends are the pallbearers they will be positioned each side of the hearse. Then a short walking procession to the cemetery chapel will begin.

When the hearse and family commences the slow procession to the chapel, the mourners and family and friends will walk behind the hearse and family, until the entrance to the cemetery chapel has been reached.

Entering the Cemetery Chapel

The Mayfair funeral attendants will then open the doors to the Chapel, and then invite the mourners, family and friends into the chapel to be seated. The coffin will be taken from the hearse and placed on a chapel trolley. Candles, floral tributes, photographs and personal items will be placed carefully by the Mayfair funeral attendants to create an elegant display.

The family or friends who will be pallbearing may choose to carry the coffin into the chapel and place the coffin on the catafalque; or they may wish to hold the handles of the coffin and wheel it inside the chapel to the catafalque using the special chapel trolley.

The coffin is then placed on the catafalque and the family will be seated in the front rows of the chapel for the service to commence.

The Funeral Service Will Begin

Your Mayfair funeral director and staff will confirm the placement of the coffin is correct and then bow, as a sign of respect to the loved one.  The funeral civil celebrant / speaker will then welcome family and friends to this funeral service. Introduce themselves to attendees and the funeral service will commence.

Every funeral service is unique as it is planned and arranged to acknowledge and honour our loved ones specifically to them.  However, here is an example of how you may like the order of service for the funeral service you are arranging to be.

  • Welcome by civil celebrant/clergy/speaker
  • Acknowledgement of the name of the loved one.
  • A life tribute read by the celebrant.
  • A poem, a prayer, blessing or reading.
  • Eulogy from a family member or friend.
  • Eulogy #2 from a family member or friend.
  • Celebrant to read prose, a reading or an event that took place in the loved ones life that may be pleasant to share.
  • A video tribute made from photographs and music that lasts 3-4 minutes.
  • Reflection time. Family initially, and then all family and friends will be called forward to place rosemary sprigs or rose petals on the top of the coffin as they say goodbye and reflect upon the times they have spent with the loved one that has passed.


The Day of The Funeral Service

  1. Hearse Cortege from Residence
  2. Cemetery Chapel Arrival
  3. Pallbearers walk beside Hearse to Chapel
  4. Pallbearers carry or wheel coffin into Chapel
  5. Civil Celebrant welcomes Mourners
  6. Order of service commences


Order of Service

  • Acknowledgement of the name of the loved one.
  • A life tribute read by the celebrant.
  • A poem, a prayer, blessing or reading.
  • Eulogy #1
  • Eulogy #2
  • Celebrant may share a story/event/reading.
  • A 3-4 minute video tribute with music.
  • Reflection time.
  • Prayer or Blessing
  • Committal (if requested) for Cremation.
  • Family and mourners enter the Condolence lounge.


Included with every Mayfair Funeral Service
Your preferred choice of Cemetery Chapel


Karrakatta Cemetery

Karrakatta WA 6010


Pinnaroo Valley

Padbury WA 6025


Fremantle Cemetery

Palmyra WA 6157

Your preferred choice of Flower Casket Spray to use to decorate the coffin for the funeral service.

Your preferred choice of Coffin, raised Swan Lid and colours including Rosewood, Sapele, Oak and White Gloss.

Included is your personal preference for Speaker or Funeral Celebrant or a Family Member from our range.


Funeral Celebrant

Male Celebrant


Online Streaming

Downloadable Recording


Video Tribute

3-4 minute video & audio

Included in the price is Rosemary for Reflection time, Online streaming and a recording if wished, as well as a 3-4 minute video tribute played during the funeral service. Candles and Attendance Cards.

Rosemary for Reflection

Offered to Family & Mourners


Candles upon Catafalque

Attendance Cards

Mourners Attendance Details

Soft lit candles are placed upon the catafalque surrounding the coffin placement. All cremation and legal fees included. Black Hearse Cortege from residence included. You will be provided with a link to request a death certificate to be posted to you from the Registry Office following the cremation service.

All Cremation Fees Paid

Registered Death Certificate included.

Funeral Director - Jillian

Personally Conducts Funeral

Hearse & Limousine Cortege

Hearse & 7 Seater Limo Cortege


  1. Direct Cremation – Non Attended Funeral.
  2. Private Cremation Service – Up to 5 Family Members. (strictly 5)
  3. Full Cremation Chapel Service – Attended with Mourners.

Before the Day of the Funeral Service

A pre-need arrangement and planning of a future funeral service is optimal to alleviate any pressure and difficult decision making when a loved one has passed. Sometimes this is not always possible.

We are available 24/7 to receive your call when your loved one has passed away, and we will come quickly to bring your loved one into our care from their place of death.

Mortuary care and preparation of a loved one is carried out in a respectful and dignified manner by our professional mortuary.

No Service Funeral Cremation.

Dignified Direct Cremation.

Cemetery Cremation.

  1. Pickup of loved one and brought into our care.
  2. Coffin for the Cremation included.
    Casket Spray of Flowers on top of Coffin.
    Hearse Transport to the Cemetery Chapel for Committal.
  3. The Funeral Director or head conductor personally arrive with your loved one in a hearse for the Cremation Service.
  4. Notification of Ashes for collection within 48hrs.
  5. Link provided to request hard copy of the death certificate from the Registry Office.

$2,999 including gst

Intimate Family Funeral.

Chapel Cremation Service.

Up to 5 Family Mourners.

  1. Pickup of loved one and brought into our care.
    Coffin choice of, Sapele, Oak, Rosewood or Soft Lemon.
  2. Funeral Service & Cremation takes place in Karrakatta, Pinnaroo or Fremantle Cemetery Chapels.
  3. Casket Spray Flowers. Rosemary for Reflection.
    The Funeral Director personally conducts service.
  4. Up to 5 Family Members in attendance.
    Strictly a maximum of 5 attendees only.

$4,995 including gst

Premium Cremation Funeral.

Chapel Cremation Service.

Full Attended Cremation Service.

  1. Pickup of loved one and brought into our care.
  2. Included is a choice of coffin finishes, rosewood, sapele or light oak with 6 silvered handles, standard size. (gloss painted coffins are an available option).
  3. Hearse Cortege from residence to the Cemetery.
    7 Seater matching black Stretch Limousine for Family.
  4. Funeral Service & Cremation takes place in Karrakatta, Pinnaroo or Fremantle  Chapels.
  5. Video Tribute, Celebrant, Casket Spray Flowers, Attendance Cards. Online Streaming  Recording of  Service.
  6. The Funeral Director personally conducts service.
  7. Full Funeral service with mourners in attendance.

$7,990 including gst

Premium Cremation Funeral.

Chapel Cremation Service.

Full Attended Cremation Service.

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